Why MineRack?

  • Choose MineRack for pure Performance.
  • Powerful Xeon CPUs.
  • Lightning fast SSD drives.
  • Free Dedicated IP (default port).
  • Add a 500 Gbit/s DDOS Protected IP FREE.
  • Bungee, Forge, and Spigot ready.
  • Run by Frantech Solutions, the guys from BuyVM and BuyShared.
  • Select a location to purchase your server:

    Luxembourg, Europe Las Vegas, Nevada

    Play how you like!

    We have a Jar menu with quite a few common Jars, but you can upload your own Jars or Modpacks. Set your own slots. We don't limit how many players can join your server, you do. Use FTP to upload whatever plugins or mods you want. We sell you the resources, you choose what to do with them.

    Play Dress Up

    Customize your server any way you like. Spigot, Forge, Sponge, Glowstone, it all works here!

    Awesome Features

    Don't pay for IP addresses, DDOS protection, or custom JARs. They are standard features here.

    Easy Billing

    No recurring subscriptions, no contracts, use Stripe, PayPal, or Bitpay.


    Talk to us on Livechat if you have any sales questions!

    3 day no questions refund policy

    You deserve to feel secure in your purchase.

    Buy Now!

    Need help?

    Create a ticket any time to recieve support. If possible Log in or Register first so we can easily identify you and your services.

    Physically Controlled Locations

    Fiberhub, Las Vegas

    RootSA, Luxembourg

    99% uptime

    Voxility DDOS Protection

    We own our own hardware and networks
    You can check out our network click here